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Saudi filter industry company is one of the main distributor for industrail filter and industrial products in saudi arabia.

-PL Pleated Paper Cartridges
-PH Pleated Synthetic Cartridges
-PD Hilsorb Cartridges
-Stacked Disc Cartridges
-HP Synthetic High Pressure Cartridges
-Pleated Cartridges for Bag Filter Vessels
-O-ring Sealed 718/736 Cartridges
-Pleated Screen -Strainer Baskets
-Adsorbent HT Cartridges
-Adsorbent AT Cartridges
-Adsorbent ST Cartridges
-Adsorbent ET Cartridges

-Basket Strainers - Duplex
-Basket Strainers - Simplex
-Tee Strainers
-Temporary Strainers
-Turbine Meter Strainers
-U.L. Fireline Strainers

Specialty Products
-CHEXTER™ Check Valves
-Sure Check™ Check Valves
-Silent Check Valves
-Control Cheks™
-Butterfly Valves
-Line Blinds
-Suction Diffusers

Switch Filtration

Switch Filtration™ builds replacement filter elements for use in Hydac,
Indufil, John Craneand Pall Corporation filters.
Switch Filtration guarantees that the fit and performance of all its
replacement filter elements will meet the efficiency
levels set by the originalequipment manufacturer.

Mail, Phone & Fax

Mr.Khurram Sherif / Industrial Sales Specialist

email address:

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-Mobile: +966550055461
-Tel: +966 13 8121184/8121107

-Fax: +966 13 8121050

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