O.E.M 97133-2E210


ServicesA:224 B:201 H:17
Outer Diameter Top.
Outer Diameter Bottom
Thread Size
Thread Height
By-Pass Valve Setting-PSI
Anti-Drain Back Valve
Max Flow Rate
More Specifications


Brand Cross Reference
Baldwin PA4391, PA4391
Goodyear GY-2E210, GY2E210
Hi Fi Filter SC8067, SC8067
Hyundai 2SF79 AQ000, 97133-1S000, 97133-2E010, 97133-2E200, 97133-2E210, 2SF79AQ000, 971331S000, 9713320000000000, 9.71332E+205, 9.71332E+215
Jac 8126100U1910-F011, 8126100U8510-25, 8126100U1910F011, 8126100U851025
Kia 08790-2E200A, 97133-2E200, 97133-2E210, P87901F200, P87901F200A, 087902E200A, 9.71332E+205, 9.71332E+215, P87901F200, P87901F200A
Mann Hummel CU 2336, CU2336
Purex A2E210, A2E210
Sakura CA-2807, CA2807
Sure SFC 2E200, SFC2E200
Wix Filter 24684, 24684
Baldwin PA4404, PA4404
Goodyear GY-2H000, GY2H000
Hi Fi Filter SC8174, SC8174
Hyundai 08790-2H000, 08790-2H000A, 97133-2H001, 97133-A0100, 087902H000, 087902H000A, 971332H001, 97133A0100
Hyundai / Kia 97133-A0100, 97133A0100
Kia 97133-2H001, 971332H001
Purex A2H000, A2H000
Sakura CA-28260, CA28260
Sure SFC 35660, SFC35660
Wix Filter 49377, 49377


Hilliard, Mueller and Switch filtration, to meet the need of passenger cars, light and heavy trucks, off-road and industrial applications for both the original equipment.

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