O.E.M 80292SDC505HE


Outer Diameter Top.
Outer Diameter Bottom
Thread Size
Thread Height
By-Pass Valve Setting-PSI
Anti-Drain Back Valve
Max Flow Rate
More SpecificationsA:224 B:234 H:30


Brand Cross Reference
Acura 80292-SHJ-A41, 80292SHJA41
Baldwin PA4196, PA4196
Goodyear GY-DC505, GYDC505
Great Wall 8100235XKZ16A, 8100407XKY00A, 8104400BJZ08A, 8104400XKZ16A, C11864033, 8100235XKZ16A, 8100407XKY00A, 8104400BJZ08A, 8104400XKZ16A, C11864033
Haval 8104400BJZ08A, 8104400XKZ16A, 8104400BJZ08A, 8104400XKZ16A
Honda 08R79-SEA-000A, 08R79-SEA-000C, 08R79-SEA-00C, 08R79-SEA-941, 08R79-SZ3-600, 80290-SDA-A01, 80290-SEC-A01, 80291-SEP-H01, 80291-SNK-A01, 80291-T6A-J01, 80292-SDA-406, 80292-SDA-A01, 80292-SDC-A01, 80292-SDG-W01, 80292-SEA-003, 80292-SEA-941, 80292-SEC-A01, 80292-SFE-901, 80292-SFY-003, 80292-SHJ-A41, 80292-SLJ-003, 80292-SNL-T01, 80292-SPA-W01, 80292-SWA-003, 80292-SWA-013, 80292-SWA-405, 80292-SWA-A01, 80292-SWW-G01, 80292-SYP-003, 80292-T0G-A01, 80292-T1G-G01, 80292-T6L-H01, 80292-TR6-K01, 80292-TV1-E01, 80292-TVE-H01, 80292-TZ3-A41, 80292-TZ5-A41, 80292SDA407, 80292SDC505HE, 80292SLJ013, 80929-SEA-003, 08R79SEA000A, 08R79SEA000C, 08R79SEA00C, 08R79SEA941, 08R79SZ3600, 80290SDAA01, 80290SECA01, 80291SEPH01, 80291SNKA01, 80291T6AJ01, 80292SDA406, 80292SDAA01, 80292SDCA01, 80292SDGW01, 80292SEA003, 80292SEA941, 80292SECA01, 80292SFE901, 80292SFY003, 80292SHJA41, 80292SLJ003, 80292SNLT01, 80292SPAW01, 80292SWA003, 80292SWA013, 80292SWA405, 80292SWAA01, 80292SWWG01, 80292SYP003, 80292T0GA01, 80292T1GG01, 80292T6LH01, 80292TR6K01, 80292TV1E01, 80292TVEH01, 80292TZ3A41, 80292TZ5A41, 80292SDA407, 80292SDC505HE, 80292SLJ013, 80929SEA003
Mann Hummel CU2358, CU2358
Purex ADC505, ADC505
Sakura CA-1606, CA1606
Wix Filter 24815, 24815


Hilliard, Mueller and Switch filtration, to meet the need of passenger cars, light and heavy trucks, off-road and industrial applications for both the original equipment.

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