O.E.M 87139-0K070


ServicesCabin Filter
Outer Diameter Top.
Outer Diameter Bottom
Thread Size
Thread Height
By-Pass Valve Setting-PSI
Anti-Drain Back Valve
Max Flow Rate
More SpecificationsHeight: 1.142 (29)* Width: 7.125 (181)* Length: 8.504 (215)*
Brand Cross Reference
Baldwin PA10108, PA10108
Goodyear GY-0K070, GY0K070
Hi Fi Filter SC8180, SC8180
Mann Hummel CU 22 032 FP 22 032 CU22032 FP22032, CU22032FP22032CU22032FP22032
Mazda 1M02-61-528, 1M03-61-528, TK48-61-J6X, 1M0261528, 1M0361528, TK4861J6X
Purex A0K070, A0K070
Subaru 72880-FL00A, 72880-FL500, 72880-FN00A, 72880-FN100, X7288-FL500, X7288-FN100, 72880FL00A, 72880FL500, 72880FN00A, 72880FN100, X7288FL500, X7288FN100
Suzuki T8713-92802, T8713-95801, T8713-9F402, T871392802, T871395801, T87139F402
Toyota 87139-02260, 87139-02270, 87139-06130, 87139-06150, 87139-0E040, 87139-0K040, 87139-0K050, 87139-0K060, 87139-0K070, 87139-0K090, 87139-0K110, 87139-0R030, 87139-28020, 87139-48050, 87139-58010, 87139-76020, 87139-F4020, 87139-F4030, 87139-F4050, 87139-YZZ33, 87139-YZZ34, 87139-YZZ86, 8713902210, 8713902260, 8713902270, 8713906130, 8713906150, 8.7139E+45, 871390K040, 871390K050, 871390K060, 871390K070, 871390K090, 871390K110, 871390R030, 8713928020, 8713948050, 8713958010, 8713976020, 87139F4020, 87139F4030, 87139F4050, 87139YZZ33, 87139YZZ34, 87139YZZ86, 8713902210
Wix Filter WP10320, WP10320


Hilliard, Mueller and Switch filtration, to meet the need of passenger cars, light and heavy trucks, off-road and industrial applications for both the original equipment.

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